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Accuro Fund Solutions AG offers services along the entire fund value chain. We are a prudentially supervised and licensed fund administrator, asset manager and risk manager in Liechtenstein (according to AIFMD) and our Group has a distributor licence both in Switzerland and Liechtenstein (= access to the European market).

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 Fund administration
 Asset Management
 Risk Management
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Legal framework

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 UCITS fund
 AIF (Alternative Investment Fund)
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In Liechtenstein, funds can be established in a contractual form or in the form of an AGmvK (corporation with variable capital, equal to the SICAV structure). Which structure do you want?

 contractual form (Accuro Fund Solutions AG as trustee)
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 Takeover of an existing fund

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 Structured products (about % of the portfolio)
 Funds (about % of the portfolio)
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 Derivatives for investment purposes (about % of the portfolio)
 Private Debt (about % of the portfolio)
 Private Equity (about % of the portfolio)
 Commodities (about % of the portfolio)
 Cash (about % of the portfolio)
 Others (about % of the portfolio)

How many positions (approximately) will the fund hold in the portfolio?

How many (approximately) transactions in the portfolio do you expect each month?

How often do you wish the NAV calculation or the fund dealing in your fund?

 semi annually


From which countries do you expect investors?

Are these investors

 Private Investors
 Professional Investors

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